Cash n Curry Pub Slot

The Cash n Curry pub slot is one of the most entertaining of all the online UK pub slots due to its very fitting and hilarious theme. The theme of the Cash n Curry pub slot is perfectly fitting for a pub slot as it is based on the nations favourite after pub meal the amazing Indian curry. The curry dish is very famous across the UK and is hugely popular with people leaving the pub and going for a lovely Indian meal. The game manages to combine the purpose of playing a slot machine, winning cash, and the amazingly tasty meal as described in the slots title. The theme of the Cash n Curry pub slot is a fun one as it gives players the chance to enjoy funny and interesting bonus features named on different famous curry dishes. The Cash n Curry pub slot manages to immerse players in every element of the ‘going for an Indian meal experience’ and is highly accurate with the different details presented in the game. If players would like to enjoy another game themed on eating another after pub meal then the Abra-Kebab-Ra pub slot is a great option based on the famous kebabs.

Cash n Curry Pub Slot, Click here to Play

The visual and sound effects that present the Cash n Curry pub slot are of the highest possible standard and are in keeping with the style of the effects offered by the other pub slots. The style is a cartoon animated one that is highly amusing with bright and vibrant drawings depicting hilarious scenes. The visual elements of the Cash n Curry pub slot consist of the background, the symbols and the title text. The background of the slot is a depiction of the inside of an Indian restaurant and shows the purple wallpaper which resembles the restaurant interior. The symbols used in the Cash n Curry pub slot include themed symbols like the pint of lager, chilies, Nan bread and a ring from India. The other symbols in the game include the bars, watermelons, sevens and lemons. The symbols in the slot are all presented with bright colourful cartoon animation that players will love. The title text used to present the games name in the Cash n Curry pub slot are fantastic as it includes a burning ring of flames with an Indian waiter in the middle holding a curry and cash.

The other very important physical element of the slot is the sound effects that are played to players as these are vitally important in creating the overall playing atmosphere. The sound effects of the Cash n Curry pub slot include Indian themed sounding electronic tones which are great at enhancing the games theme. The various winning lines and the bonus rounds all have their own unique effects that are in place to enhance the user’s experience of the slot. The sound and the visual effects when combined in the Cash n Curry pub slot create a highly amusing game that players will love. A slot with a similar hilarious style of animation is the Cops and Robbers pub slot which details lots of funny characters chasing each other in awkward situations. The playability of the Cash n Curry pub slot is very typical of a pub slot as it offers a highly involving and interactive playing experience which tests player’s skills. The fact that player’s skills are tested to win money is a highly appealing factor for players rather than simply awarding a players luck. The format of the Cash n Curry pub slot is a three reel and one win line game which is an easy and simple set up for players to learn.

The simple set up of the Cash n Curry pub slot is perfect for players wanting a fun game that they can quickly pick up and enjoy. The overall aim of the game is to align three of the same symbols across the one win line to release a payment. The game includes the interactive and involving nudge and hold features which are designed to test a players judgment skills. The nudges allow players to move the reels down to bring the required symbols into the win line. The holds allow players to stop the reels and hold the symbol in the win line till the next spin. The two features in the Cash n Curry pub slot are very interactive and entertaining as the way that players use them dramatically affects their winning chances. The symbols in the Cash n Curry pub slot award the player different winning amounts and these amounts can be seen along the bottom of the games main screen. The Cash n Curry pub slot includes one bonus round that is highly enjoyable and can also, if played wisely, be very lucrative. The bonus can be activated by the player if they manage to spin in three symbols with curry dishes on into the win line.

The bonus round when activated in the Cash n Curry pub slot loads into a new screen and displays the player with a number of different squares that they have to travel around. The squares contain different features and prizes that the player can win as well as squares that can end the bonus round for the player. The different features that players can accept in the Cash n Curry pub slot bonus round include the bharji bonus which takes players to the reel view to pick a win. The next prize feature available in the bonus round is the multi balti that consists of three prizes being shown then covered and shuffled. The player must then choose one of the shuffled prizes to reveal their prize in the Cash n Curry pub slot bonus round. One of the other prize features available is the chick a tiker where the player must stop the spinning reels to reveal a prize. The overall conclusion of the Cash n Curry pub slot is that it offers players a superb and funny theme presented with a fantastic style of cartoon animation. If players would like a slot game with a similar funny theme then the Alien Cash Attack pub slot is a great option.