Chavin It Large Pub Slot

One of the most original and unique themed UK pub slots is the brilliant Chavin it Large pub slot which conveys to players a great and humorous view of the social group the Chav. The social group the chav is hugely famous across the UK and is generally of working class origin. The group of people is famous for wearing tacky clothes like baseball caps, trainers and jogging bottoms. The Chavin it Large pub slot is a very funny portrayal of these people and even includes the funny accent that this group talk in. One of the most clever and entertaining parts of the slots theme is the way the game shows what a chav would spend their money on if they were rich. The money element of the Chavin it Large pub slot is an excellent feature as ultimately players enjoy the slot game for the chance of winning. The theme of the Chavin it Large pub slot is brilliant as it shows a very amusing take on one of the most famous social groups in the UK. If players want a game with a very different historical theme then the Gold Mine pub slot is one of the best options available online.

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The visual and the sound effects that are used to bring the Chavin it Large pub slot to life are typical of the cartoon style of animation used across many pub slots. The background of the slot is a tartan check of the designer label Burberry who is very famous for being the Chav’s designer clothes brand of choice. The background of the games bonus round is one of the slots visual highlights as it shows a brilliant scene of what a chav would spend a fortune on and includes a large limo and mansion. The style of animation of the Chavin it Large pub slot bonus round is a cartoon animation that looks highly comical and very entertaining. The symbols used in the Chavin it Large pub slot are different themed items that people would associate chav’s owning. The symbols include three different colour trainers, a sovereign ring and a baseball cap. The symbols are all presented in a fun cartoon style of animation that is full of colour and very visually appealing. The title text of the Chavin it Large pub slot is prominently placed at the bottom of the screen and clearly and concisely delivers the games name to players.

The overall conclusion of the visual effects when merged together creates a very pleasing slot game that players will really enjoy looking at. The sound effects used in the Chavin it Large pub slot are excellent and one of the highlights of the slots performance. The different winning lines have their own sound effect that is played to signify that the line has been created. The sound effects include an accented voice that says phrases chav’s would say like ‘innit’ and sorted’ which are great effects that enhance the games theme. The combination of the visual and sound effects in the Chavin it Large pub slot create a very entertaining slot game that will players will really amusing. The others games in the range that have a similar level of quality effects include the Bundle in the Jungle pub slot which shows uses a colourful screen full of various animals. The game play that is offered to players in the Chavin it Large pub slot is of the highest standard and very typical for the range of pub slots that are on offer. The format of the Chavin it Large pub slot is a three reel and one win line game which allows players to enjoy a simple straight forward slot set up.

The style of play of the Chavin it Large pub slot is highly interactive and involving allowing players to enjoy a great playing experience. The overall aim of the game is for players to line up three of the same symbols across the one win line. The different symbols in the Chavin it Large pub slot all result in a different payment being made to the player and these can be seen displayed on the main screen. The interactive and involving style of play includes both nudges and holds that test player’s judgment skills. The nudges allow players the chance to move the reels down in order to bring new symbols onto the win line in an effort to match three of the same symbols. The player in the Chavin it Large pub slot can gamble their nudge in order to win more and can also hold the nudge over for the next spin which are both great features. The best symbol for a player to manage to align is three gold trainers and this releases a payment of 100x stake. The Chavin it Large pub slot has one super bonus round that they can unlock and can result in excellent winnings.
The player can unlock the bonus round in the Chavin it Large pub slot by managing to spin in three winning combinations involving trainers in a row. The bonus round opens into a new screen and shows the player a ladder of different prizes that increase in value the further up the reel the player goes. The round in the Chavin it Large pub slot involves a skill stopper feature where the player has to stop a flashing light on the right prizes. The skill stopper feature tests a players reflexes and is a lot of fun for players who will really enjoy playing. Once the player has landed on a prize they like and decide to stop the feature then they have the chance to win the prize repeated. The repeat function in the Chavin it Large pub slot works with another skill stopper test and is a great part of the bonus round. The overall conclusion of the Chavin it Large pub slot is that it offers players a great playing experience with a hilarious theme presented in brilliant cartoon animation. If players would like a game with a higher jackpot winning potential then they should try the Lotsaloot casino slot which features a huge progressive jackpot.