Cops and Robbers Pub Slot

The Cops and Robbers pub slot is one of the most famous and popular of all the UK pub slots because of its fantastic theme. The theme of the game gives players the chance to take part in the age old battle between the good and bad sides of the law. The Cops and Robbers pub slot portrays the story of a robber with a bag of swag trying to escape from the law to become rich and successful. The theme of the Cops and Robbers pub slot tells this tale of the robber escaping with his loot is a very lighthearted and fun way that players will love. One of the nicest points of this slot game is that the robber character is someone a player would never want to be in real life so the slot game gives players a chance to enjoy this fantasy role. The exciting theme of the Cops and Robbers pub slot may not be for everyone so players wanting a different challenge can try the Bundle in the Jungle pub slot. The Bundle in the Jungle game is a brilliantly themed slot game telling the story of an exciting expedition to find a lost ancient city.

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The visual and sound effects that are employed to deliver this exciting theme to players are excellent as they capture a fantastic comic quality. The visual components of the Cops and Robbers pub slot consist of the background, symbols and the title text. The symbols used in the Cops and Robbers pub slot look fantastic as they are comically detailed cartoon images full of colour and finished with a crystal clear quality effect. The traditional symbols include the bars, sevens, cherries and melons. The themed symbols include the cop’s hat, robbers face and the handcuffs which all enhances the slots theme brilliantly. The background of the Cops and Robbers pub slot is a very busy cartoon display showing different cop and robber characters conducting their business. The display is highly amusing as it shows numerous cops and robbers hilariously running around chasing each other. The animation shows a robber escaping along a roof and one disappearing down a drain hole after running out of the bank. The title text displayed in the Cops and Robbers pub slot is highly visually appealing as features handcuffs connecting the words. The text also shows a cop and a robber standing at either side which greatly enhances the games theme.

The sound effects in the Cops and Robbers pub slot are highly amusing as they include different English accented phrases being shouted. One of the phrases in the game is ‘oi come back here’ which depicts the copper shouting after the robber and sounds really funny. The combination of the sound and the visual effects creates a great overall game playing atmosphere that players will really appreciate. One of the other slot games on the market with equally attractive visual and sound effects is the excellent Dubya Money pub slot. The game brilliantly delivers the games Texan theme and shows lots of great cartoon drawn images and includes an American accented voice saying funny phrases. The game play of the Cops and Robbers pub slot is excellent as it offers players a fantastic interactive playing experience. The format of the Cops and Robbers pub slot is a three reels and one win line game where players have the chance to line up matching symbols across the one win line. The different symbols in the the Cops and Robbers pub slot all equal different amounts and these can be seen listed along the right hand side of the slot.

The Cops and Robbers pub slot offers players the chance to both nudge and hold reels in order to create winning line combination. The nudge feature works by the player moving the reels down so that a new symbol comes into the win line. The hold feature in the Cops and Robbers pub slot work by the symbol being held in the same place whilst the other reels spin. The nudge and the hold features allow players the chance to increase their winning chances through a judgment call. The next important part of the Cops and Robbers pub slot is the bonus round that the player can unlock to allow them to have great winning potential. The bonus round can be activated by the player managing to spin in three of symbols with a small bag of loot at the bottom of the symbol onto the screen. The bonus round in the Cops and Robbers pub slot launches players into a new screen where they are displayed a ladder with numerous different squares containing prizes. The feature is highly interactive and tests player’s skills and their judgment abilities in an effort to win money.

The bonus round in the Cops and Robbers pub slot starts with the robber character, who the player takes the role off, being placed onto the squares at the bottom of the ladder. The further the robber manages to move along the ladder means the better the prize that they manage to unlock. The player must spin the number and then the robber character moves that number of squares forward onto a prize square. The player in the Cops and Robbers pub slot has the option of taking the prize listed on the square or playing on and continuing the round. The bonus round also features a copper character who chases the robber along the ladder and if the robber is caught the round ends immediately. The bonus round in the Cops and Robbers pub slot is highly enjoyable and players will love the challenge of knowing when to stop and when to continue playing. The overall conclusion of the Cops and Robbers pub slot is that it offers players a fun theme and presents it with hilarious visual and sound effects. If players want a game with a less jovial theme and style of animation then the Gold Mine pub slot offers a similar high standard of game play and winning potential.