Dubya Money Pub Slot

The Dubya Money pub slot is one of the most creatively themed of all the UK pub slots as it looks at a world leading politician in a lighthearted and amusing way. The world leading politician is former president of the United States, George Bush, who ran the country between 2001 and 2009. The former president George Bush is from the most southerly state in America, Texas, which is famous for being rich in oil. The Dubya Money pub slot combines the games presidential theme with this very valuable commodity oil and presents it to players in a very amusing style. The Dubya Money pub slot has a very Texan feel to it and players will love the different Texan elements that are included in the game. The various elements of the slot are all very comic and the game manages to very cleverly create an amusing playing atmosphere. The theme of the Dubya Money pub slot is a highly comic one based around different funny elements. If players would prefer a more serious game then the Lucky Darts pub slot is an excellent slot game based around the hugely popular pub game darts.

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The Dubya Money pub slot is brought to life with fantastic visual and sound effects that create a very busy and colourful playing atmosphere. The appearance of the Dubya Money pub slot is made up of three main visual components the background, the symbols and the title text. The background of the slot game is a cartoon animated design of the inside of an oil plant featuring different interconnecting pipes. The background of the bonus round is one of the visual highlights of the slot as it is a very busy display showing numerous different themed elements. The elements include a marching band, an eagle, Bush with fistfuls of cash, presidential property and an oil factory. The symbols used in the Dubya Money pub slot consist of the oranges, lemons, plums, bells, lemons, watermelons, bells, cowboy hat, and map of America and oil drums. The symbols are all presented with stunning cartoon animation and very bright colours that look fantastic on the screen. The title text of the Dubya Money pub slot greatly enhances the games American Texan theme as all of the letters are presented in the stars and stripes. The mixture of the different visual elements in the slot works brilliantly well and creates a truly excellent looking slot game.

The final part of the Dubya Money pub slot physical appearance is the sound effects that are played to players. The sound effects include an American anthem as the background tune which greatly enhances the delivery of the slots theme. The different win lines and the bonus round have their own unique sound effects which greatly enhance the playing atmosphere. The sound effects include an American accented voice saying different hilarious phrases like ‘oh shuckss’. The combination of the sound and visual effects in the Dubya Money pub slot manage to create a highly enjoyable and amusing slot game that players will really appreciate. If players would prefer a game with more cinematic quality effects that are taken directly from a movie the Hitman casino slot is a great option. The Hitman game tells the story of an international assassin which can be a scary slot so is not for the faint hearted. The game play of the Dubya Money pub slot is highly involving and interactive and players will really appreciate the excellent playability that’s presented. The format of the Dubya Money pub slot is a three reels and one win line game that give players the chance to play simple and straight forward game.

The main aim for players in the Dubya Money pub slot is to line up three of the same symbols across the winning line. The different symbols in the slot all release a different prize payment and these can be seen along the right hand side of the game. The player also has use of both the nudge and the hold features in the Dubya Money pub slot which allows them to increase their winning chances through their own personal judgment calls. The nudges work by the player being able to move the symbol in the row above down into the win line. The player can also bank nudges till the next spin and can risk their nudge with the chance of winning one more. The holds in the Dubya Money pub slot allow the player the chance to hold the reel in one place until the next spin. The Dubya Money pub slot includes a ballet box feature that is displayed next to the reels and continues filling up through the course of game. The ballet box randomly when full awards the player with a random prize feature which can be very interesting and aid the player significantly.
The bonus round in the Dubya Money pub slot is not only hugely entertaining and exciting but potentially very lucrative. The bonus can be activated by the player managing to reach the top of the trail. Some of the symbols in the slot have a number placed at the bottom of the symbol and when the number falls on the winning line it contributes to the trail. The player must manage to get a combination of eight numbers to move up the trail and into the bonus round of the Dubya Money pub slot. The bonus round features a number of different reels and then a prizes feature board. The player must first of stop a flashing light on the feature board to reveal a prize which can lead the player to one of the three reels below. The conclusion of the Dubya Money pub slot is that it offers an amazing playing experience which is highly amusing and very entertaining because of the elaborate theme. The visual and the sound effects presented in the Dubya Money pub slot are of the highest possible standard as they look and sound fantastic on the screen. The slot is a fantastic example of the different advantages that the interactive playing experience of the UK pub slots vs UK casino slots offer.