Gold Mine Pub Slot

The Gold Mine pub slot is one of the most intricately themed and exciting of all the UK pub slots as it lets players escape to an exciting and famous period in history. The slot tells the story of a Mexican cowboy by the name of Juan Carlos who hears of a gold rush north of the border in the unmanaged and uncharted Wild West of America. This era is the 1850’s and this area of land was very dangerous with Native Americans as well as rogue cowboys. The promise of the huge amounts of gold to be found in the Wild West region in the Gold Mine pub slot is a huge motivator for Juan Carlos who leaves his home in pursuit of the gold. The Gold Mine pub slot tells of this exciting expedition and the hunt for gold that Juan Carlos embarks on. If players want another adventure based game then the Bundle in the Jungle pub slot is a great option as it features an expedition to find an ancient lost city. The theme of the Gold Mine pub slot is highly exciting and players will love the fact that they can immerse themselves in an exciting expedition searching for gold.

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The Gold Mine pub slot is presented to players through a fantastic style of cartoon animation which is highly enjoyable. The visual effects of the slot comprise of the background used for the main game as well as the bonus round, the symbols and the title text. The background presented to players in the Gold Mine pub slot is the inside of a saloon as it shows the gold and yellow doors and looks great on the screen. The background of the bonus round is one of the slots visual highlights as it shows the open plains of American with trees and mountains rising up into the distance which are all animated in a great style. There are numerous different symbols used in the Gold Mine pub slot these include the cherries, melons, plums, oranges, lemons, golden bells, bars, sevens, dynamite sticks, cowboy, gunpowder, gold coins and games logo. The symbols are all detailed in bright colours and crystal clear quality effects. The title text presented to players in the Gold Mine pub slot is very much in keeping with the games theme as it is presented in a gold colour that looks fantastic on the screen.

The fusion of all the different visual elements of the Gold Mine pub slot looks fantastic on the screen and players will really enjoy the variation of the different effects and how they look together. The sound effects of the Gold Mine pub slot are another one of the highlights of the slots performance. The sound effects are very closely related to the games theme and include guns firing and winds whistling overhead. The slots sound and visual effects when combined create a great themed playing atmosphere which players will really enjoy. The effects are of such a high standard they help confirm the slots status as one of the best UK pub slots. The game play presented in the Gold Mine pub slot is in keeping with the range of pub slots on the market as it is highly entertaining and very enjoyable. The style of the slot is highly interactive and player’s skills and judgments directly influence their winning potential. The format of the Gold Mine pub slot is a three reel and one win game and the second bonus round is a three reel and five win line slot. The slot game has more bonuses available to players than most of the other pub slots making it a highly exciting playing option.

The overall aim for players in the Gold Mine pub slot is to line up three of the same symbols across the win line to create a winning line combination. The various symbols in the Gold Mine pub slot all result in different winning amounts being paid to the player and these amounts can be seen along the right hand side of the slot. The player after every winning spin of the reels is given the opportunity to gamble their winnings for the chance to double them. The player is presented with a fifty/fifty chance bet which is very risky and has great quick earning potential. The main aim for players in the Gold Mine pub slot is to access the second set of reels known as the bonus round as it has five win lines and excellent winning potential. The second set of reels in the Gold Mine pub slot can only be accessed once the player has got a minimum of ten points in the initial game as each spin in the new section costs ten points. The player can access two special bonuses in the second stage of the game which give players the chance to access some excellent winnings.

The first of the two special bonuses in the Gold Mine pub slot is known as the gold mine bonus which players can activate by spinning in three logo symbols across the win line. The player is then taken to a new screen which is the inside of a mine where they have the chance to choose one of three nuggets to reveal a prize. The second special bonus in the Gold Mine pub slot is called the mine mania bonus which players can active by spinning in three cowboy symbols onto the screen. The player is then whisked off to a new screen where they are displayed eleven different objects from which they have to select one which reveals a number of win spins. The combination of the different bonuses in the Gold Mine pub slot is fantastic as it offers players a brilliant and potentially very lucrative playing session. The overall conclusion of the Gold Mine pub slot is that the cartoon style of animation is highly appealing as it presents the slots cowboy theme in great style. The slot is an excellent example of the differences and the advantages that the interactive UK pub slots vs UK casino slots have.