Hellboy Casino Slot

The excitement created by the Hellboy casino slot is second to no other slot game on the market due to its fantastic main character and its storyline. The story of this UK pub slots first came from a very famous comic book series that was hugely popular and was then made into a smash hit Hollywood movie. The Hellboy casino slot accurately recreates the comic book and movie story in a very stylish and enjoyable manner. The story behind the Hellboy casino slot is an amazing one where the German army in the Second World War managed to bring a creature down from hell to use as a weapon. The allied forces after the war found this creature and after many years managed to train it so they could use it as a force against paranormal activity. The creature is a huge red muscular monster with sawn off horns and a long red tail. This creature is very accurately portrayed in the Hellboy casino slot and brings a large presence to the screen. The Hitman casino slot is also themed on a very famous movie and delivers an exciting slot game based on a character from a smash hit film.

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The visual and the sound effects that are used to present the Hellboy casino slot to players are fantastic as they create a feeling which is very much in keeping with the original comic books. The visual effects of the slot game comprise of the background, symbols and the title text that are presented to players. The background of the Hellboy casino slot is a cartoon animated design that is drawn in the comic book style. The comic book style illustration of the background is a backdrop of a city with black buildings rising up into blue night’s sky. The symbols in the Hellboy casino slot are also detailed in the comic book style and are representations of different characters featured in the books. The characters include Hellboy, Abe Sapien, Johann Krauss, Professor Trevor Buttenholm and Liz Sherman who are all shown as they would appear in the original comics. The title text of the Hellboy casino slot is a direct representation of the text used in both the comic books and the smash hit film. The fusion of the background, title text and symbols works brilliantly at creating a very stylish slot game that players will love.

The sound effects of the Hellboy casino slot are also very effective at creating an excellent atmosphere for players. The sound effects are all themed and are taken from the smash hit movie. The most recognizable sounds are the background sound effects which is the theme tune that’s taken from the movie. The individual winning line combinations in the Hellboy casino slot all have their own sound effect which is themed and designed to raise a players excitement levels. If players would like to enjoy a game with a different and more comic style of animation then the Abra-Kebab-Ra pub slot is a great option. The Abra-Kebab-Ra game is themed on the famous Middle Eastern dish the kebab and presents a very humorous and enjoyable game. The game play presented to players in the Hellboy casino slot is typical of a casino slot as it has a high number of win lines and bonus rounds. The format of the slot is a five reel and twenty win line game where players have the choice of spinning the reels with between one and twenty lines active. The more win lines that are selected in the Hellboy casino slot results in the higher the players winning chances and the cost of the spin.

The overall aim for players is to manage to line up from the left to the right adjacently three, four or five of the same symbols across the win line. The various symbols in the Hellboy casino slot all result in different winning amounts being played to the player. The amounts can be viewed easily and clearly in the games pay table which is opened through the button at the bottom of the main screen. The Hellboy casino slot has four main bonus rounds that can be activated these are the wild, scatter, random and gamble. The wild bonus in the Hellboy casino slot is shown by the logo symbol which has the power to swap with any other symbol in the game to form a winning line. The logo symbol when involved in creating a winning line doubles the amount won and awarded to the player. The scatter feature in the Hellboy casino slot is triggered by the player managing to spin in three of the red fist symbols to the screen at once. The action of spinning in three fists launches the underworld bonus where the players are taken to the underground chambers.

The underground chambers in the Hellboy casino slot give players the chance to make selections of entering various chambers which result in different prizes being awarded. The bonus round is very atmospheric and will raise players pulses with the suspense offered. The gamble bonus in the Hellboy casino slot is offered to players at the end of every winning spin of the reels. The bonus gives players the choice of a fifty/fifty bet where they can double or lose their winnings making it a very risky and a potentially very lucrative feature. The final feature in the Hellboy casino slot is the completely random bonus that could be offered to players at the end of a winning or losing spin. The random feature when awarded gives players a certain number of free spins which can help them boost their prize fund. The overall conclusion of the Hellboy casino slot is that it presents players with a fantastically stylish game based on a famous comic book. The game will really appeal to fans of the hit comic book series and the smash hit movie. If players want a lighter hearted themed game and a more interactive game playing experience then the Billion Dollar Gran pub slot is an amazing option.