Joker 8000 Pub Slot

The Joker 8000 pub slot is one of the most famous and popular of all the online UK pub slots thanks to its huge notoriety in land based pubs across the nation. The inception of the internet meant that the game was made available to players online who relished the opportunity of enjoying a classic pub slot from the comfort of their own home. The theme of the Joker 8000 pub slot is a split one based on both the pack of playing cards and the famous jester character from the medieval days. The first of the slots themes is the playing card one which features different elements of the playing cards including the red and black spades. The second part of the Joker 8000 pub slot theme is the medieval court jester who was famous for entertaining the king and his subjects in the great halls. The combination of the playing cards and medieval jester theme make the Joker 8000 pub slot one of the most entertaining slot games on the market. If players want to try a game with a more involving theme then the Apocalypse Cow pub slot is a great option. The game is based is on a hit 1970’s war movie and the slot game takes elements of this film and adds a twist of the characters being farm yard animals.

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The visual and the sound effects that are used to present the Joker 8000 pub slot to players are very simple and basic but are effective in creating a great overall slot game. The effects manage to create a very authentic looking pub slot machine that is a great resemblance of the land based machines on offer. The background of the Joker 8000 pub slot shows a blurred image of the inside of a pub and then the outline of the actual machine. The machine is covered in red and black spades which enhance the games playing card theme. The symbols used in the Joker 8000 pub slot include the different fruits like the melons, lemons and cherries the other symbols include the bars, crowns and jokers. The symbols are all presented in bright and vibrant colours that look fantastic on the games screen. The title text of the Joker 8000 pub slot is one of the slots visual highlights as it includes lots of themed like gold text and a crown placed on top of the text. The combination of the various visual elements of the pub slot presents a simple but very attractive game that players will love.

The sound effects that are used in the Joker 8000 pub slot are different electronic tones which play simple tunes to enhance the playing atmosphere. The electronic tones do include different tones that are played to signify that a winning line has been created. The Joker 8000 pub slot gamble feature is very tense and nerve racking for a player and this is enhanced with the sound effects. The effects for the gamble feature are short and sharp electronic tones which create a higher tempo and therefore an exciting playing atmosphere. The combination of the sound and visual effects in the Joker 8000 pub slot are simple but also very effective in presenting a pleasant and entertaining atmosphere. The simple effects might not suit every player so those wanting a game with more elaborate visual and sound effects should try the Hellboy casino slot. The Hellboy game has a great style of animation that is taken directly from the famous comic books. The comic drawings combined with the sound effects make a dark and intimating playing atmosphere. The next important part of the Joker 8000 pub slot is the game play that is offered to players.

The game play presented in the Joker 8000 pub slot is very much in keeping with the games simple and straight forward overall feeling. The game runs off a three reel and one win line set up which is one of the easiest formats for players to learn and understand. The overall aim for players in the Joker 8000 pub slot is to line up three of the same symbols across the one win line to create a winning line. The Joker 8000 pub slot unlike other pub slots on the market does not feature nudges or hold which makes it much simpler and easier to play. The various symbols when they line up a winning line all pay the player a different amount and these various amounts can be seen at the top of the games screen. The best symbols for players to line up in the Joker 8000 pub slot are the joker followed by the bar. The game whenever a winning line is formed offers players the chance to double or lose their winnings on a chance fifty / fifty bet. The risky bet consists of red and black flashing lights and the player having to stop the light on the right colour.

The Joker 8000 pub slot includes one bonus round that can be hugely lucrative if played wisely. The bonus is called the super game and is run on the top half of the land based slot machine. The player needs to earn twenty points to activate the bonus round which is another set of reels at the top of the slot. The new set of reels costs the player twenty points per spin and if a winning combination is created then the player wins a large prize. The bonus round in the Joker 8000 pub slot due to the amounts that can be won is an excellent feature. The overall conclusion of the Joker 8000 pub slot is that it offers players a fantastic playing experience through its simple theme and very effective simple visual and sound effects. The game play on offer in the Joker 8000 pub slot is less interactive than some of the other pub slots on the market but still offers a great and very enjoyable playing session. If players would prefers a lot with a more interactive and involving style of play then the Fire n Dice pub slot is a great slot that allows players to both hold and nudge reels.