Lucky Darts Pub Slot

The Lucky Darts pub slot is a cleverly themed UK pub slots which has one of the most fitting themes possible for a pub slot machine. The theme is a very fitting one as darts is one of the most played games inside of a pub and people instantly put the two things together. The game darts is hugely popular and played not only on the inside of pubs but in large competitions across the UK covered by television. The Lucky Darts pub slot very accurately recreates the feeling of playing darts and has some great visual features as well as a clever bonus round recreating the darts game. The Lucky Darts pub slot will really appeal to players wanting a fun and entertaining playing experience from the comfort of their own home. If players want a game with a more amusing and funny theme then the Chavin it Large pub slot is a great option for players. The Chav game takes a look comical and lighthearted look at the social group the chav and explores the different interests of this group of people. The Lucky Darts pub slot is a perfectly fitting game for a pub slot machine as it is based on the famous and hugely popular pub game darts.

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The sound and the visual effects of the Lucky Darts pub slot are simple but very effective in creating a very visually appealing game that all players will enjoy. The background of the slot is coloured in a blue colour for the basic mode and a red colour for the super mode. The background is full of circles that go from large to small from the outside of the board to the middle and this effect is done to recreate a dart board. The symbols used in the Lucky Darts pub slot include the bars, bells, sevens, logos, bells, oranges, lemons and grapes. These symbols are all presented with bright colours and in a very clear and crisp style of finishing. The title text of the Lucky Darts pub slot is one of the slots visual highlights as it brilliantly presents the name of the slot is a colourful and stylish way. The text also features a dart board placed behind it which looks excellent on the screen and is an effect that players will like as it greatly enhances the slots theme. The combination of the different visual elements of the Lucky Darts pub slot work excellently at creating a very attractive slot game that the player will really enjoy.

The sound effects of the Lucky Darts pub slot are fantastic as they are simple electronic tones but manage to greatly enhance the slots overall atmosphere. The bonus round of the slot has very short and sharp electronic tones that greatly enhance the slots tempo and raise the player’s excitement levels. The sound effects when combined with the visual effects create an excellent game that players will really enjoy. If players want to try a game with some more detailed animated effects then the Deep Sea Dosh pub slot is an excellent option that is based deep under the ocean. The cartoon animated effects brilliantly recreate an underwater environment and players will really enjoy the atmosphere that is created. The game play of the Lucky Darts pub slot is excellent and players will really enjoy the interactive and involving style of play that is created. The style of play of the Lucky Darts pub slot is very typical of the range of pub slots and players will have their skills and judgment tested for the chance to win money. The Lucky Darts pub slot has two sections the first is a three reel and one win line game and the second is a three reel and five win line set up.

The player starts the Lucky Darts pub slot in the normal section and has the objective of winning enough points to move into the super game where the winning potential is larger. The overall aim of the game is to line up three of the same symbols across the win line to form a winning line combination. The different symbols in the Lucky Darts pub slot all pay a different amount to the player and these amounts can be seen along the right hand side of the slot. The player in the Lucky Darts pub slot are always offered the chance to gamble their winnings which consists of a chance fifty/fifty bet to double or lose their winnings. The Lucky Darts pub slot also includes nudge and hold features where the player can hold a symbol on the reels for the next spin to enhance the chances of forming a winning line. The nudge feature in the game allows the player the chance to move the reels down to form a winning line combination. The hold and nudge features are both very interactive and involving and players will really enjoy the chance to move reels to increase their winning chances.

The player can access the second game, the super game, in the Lucky Darts pub slot by achieving 400 points in the original first stage of the game. The player can then use these points in the super game as each spin of the reels costs 400 points. The winning combinations that are available in the Lucky Darts pub slot all equal different amounts which are considerably higher than the initial part of the slot game. The player can also access the main bonus in the Lucky Darts pub slot from this section of the game by managing to line up three darts across the win line. The player is taken to a new screen where they can throw three darts at the board to collect winnings. The bonus round is a highly exciting one that players will really enjoy due to its potentially very lucrative final outcome. The overall conclusion of the Lucy Darts pub slot is that it offers players a unique and very entertaining theme. The game has both fantastic visual and sound effects which create a fantastic playing atmosphere which is a highly enjoyable. If players want a game with a different and similar style of play then the Joker 8000 pub slot is an easy to play and highly recommended option.