Major Millions Casino Slot

The Major Millions casino slot is one of the most popular and successful of all the casino slots due to its hilarious main character and style of animation used. The theme of the slot is based around the armed forces and the major who’s in charge. The armed forces consist of the army, navy and air force and the most senior commanding officer of all these is the Major. The Majors job in an incredibly senior one and the Major Millions casino slot takes a very light hearted and entertaining view of all his duties. The theme of the Major Millions casino slot brilliantly reviews the Majors military duties but also cleverly uses cash as the games secondary focus and theme. The Major character is portrayed as a very eccentric individual and is shown with a huge moustache and jolly face. The Major Millions casino slot has a comic element which is highly amusing and very entertaining which players will love. If players want to play another UK pub slots that is focused on an armed forces theme then the Apocalypse Cow pub slot is a great choice. The game is themed on a hit film that was released in the 1970’s based on the Vietnamese war.

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The visual and the sound effects that are used to bring the Major Millions casino slot to life are fantastic as they manage to deliver a colourful and very attractive game to players. The slots appearance comprises of three main elements the background, the title text and the symbols. The background of the Major Millions casino slot is a plain blue screen which is designed to allow the title text and symbols to stand out. The symbols used in the Major Millions casino slot are fantastic and one of the slots main visual highlights. The different symbols in the game are all themed and enhance the armed forces feeling of the slot. The themed symbols include binoculars, tanks, planes, major’s hat, ammunition, ships and maps. The symbols are all displayed in bright and vibrant cartoon drawings which add a fun and lighthearted feel to the slot game. The title text of the Major Millions casino slot is fantastic as it is multicoloured and stands out very powerfully on the screen. The text also increases in size at both ends which enhances the power of the texts appearance on the screen. The title text, symbols and background fuse together masterfully to create a very visually appealing game.

The sound effects of the Major Millions casino slot are one of the slots best effects as they greatly enhance the delivery of the games theme. The themed sound effects are played when winning lines are created and bonus rounds are activated these effects include guns being fired and planes flying past. The sound effects when combined with the visual effects in the Major Millions casino slot create a great playing atmosphere which is highly enjoyable. The Hellboy casino slot offers players a very different and incredibly stylish level of visual effects as it presents to players a comic book style of animation. The Hellboy game is based on a smash hit series of comics and delivers a dark and scary theme to players in a great style. The game play of the Major Millions casino slot is very enjoyable and highly entertaining as it features a good range of bonuses and a straight forward main objective. The format of the Major Millions casino slot is a five reel and fifteen win line set up. The player has the chance to select how many win lines they want to spin the reels with and the higher the selection means the more chance they have of winning.

The overall aim of the Major Millions casino slot is to manage to spin five matching symbols across one of the active win lines to unlock a prize. The various symbols in the slot game all pay out different amounts and these can be seen in the pay table. The Major Millions casino slot includes several different bonuses that the player can unlock including the wild, scatter and the progressive jackpot bonus. The wild bonus is represented by the logo symbol which has the power to switch with other symbols in order to create a winning line combination. If the logo symbol is involved in creating a winning line combination then that winning line automatically trebles which is an excellent feature. The scatter bonus is represented by the scatter symbol which the player needs to spin in three, four or five times to the screen to activate. The scatter symbol when spun into the screen in the Major Millions casino slot releases a special bonus payment to the player. The combination of these two bonuses in the Major Millions casino slot create a very entertaining and potentially very lucrative playing session.

The final bonus available in the Major Millions casino slot is the best and the most rewarding as it offers players the chance to win a life changing sum of money. The progressive jackpot feature works by taking a small amount of each player’s bet and placing it into a communal fund. This communal fund can reach massive amounts and presents an amazing opportunity for players to win a huge sum of money. The jackpot can only be won in the Major Millions casino slot if the player spins the reels with all fifteen win lines active. The bonus is awarded when the player manages to align five of the logo symbols across the fifteen win lines. The overall conclusion of the Major Millions casino slot is that it offers players the chance to play a game with a fun theme presents in colourful and vibrant style of animation. The style of the game play in the Major Millions casino slot tests a players luck and does not have many interactive features for them to use. If players would prefer a slot game that has numerous interactive features testing a players skills rather than their luck then the Alien cash attack pub slot is a fantastic option.