Mega Moolah Casino Slot

One of the most exotic locations for any of the UK pub slots is the wilds of Africa where players can enjoy a slot themed on a dream safari holiday. The theme of the Mega Moolah casino slot is fantastic as it is based on a very popular dream holiday and players will love the chance to experience this holiday through the slot game. The theme of the Mega Moolah casino slot takes players to the wild African plains where they can enjoy a fantastic trip on the back of a jeep. The jeep is the most famous form of transport used for the rough African terrain and from this jeep the player can see numerous different animals. The animals featured in this Mega Moolah casino slot include zebras, lions, gazelles, monkeys, buffalos and giraffes. The player will love the having the chance to whizz across the beautiful African countryside in an open top jeep whilst looking at these fantastic creature. The animal theme in the Mega Moolah casino slot will perfectly suit animal lovers and people who dream of this type of holiday. If players want a simpler themed slot game then the Lotsaloot casino slot is an excellent option that is based on the legends and superstitions of the Irish.

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The visual and the sound effects that are employed to deliver the animal theme to players in the Mega Moolah casino slot are fantastic and players will love the atmosphere the slot creates. The visual elements of the slot consist of the background, title text and the symbols. The title text of the Mega Moolah casino slot is very fitting to the games theme as it is presented in a red and green colour which is Africa’s national colours. The background of the slot is a lovely animated drawing of the African wilderness stretching out into the distance. The background features a large tree in the centre of the slot which is a very nice image and greatly improves the overall appearance of the slot. The symbols used in the Mega Moolah casino slot are one of the slots highlights as they are colourful cartoon animations showing the different animals. The cartoon drawings of the animals include different animated personalized faces which is a great effect that adds lots of character to the slot. The Mega Moolah casino slot also features the more traditional symbols which are the 10, J, Q, K and A presenting them in very strong and vibrant colours.

The combination of the different visual effects in the Mega Moolah casino slot manage to create a highly attractive game that players will really enjoy. The sound effects in the Mega Moolah casino slot are a key attribute in delivering the playing environment and are therefore very important. The background noises in the slot include winds whistling over the African plains which greatly enhance the delivery of the games theme. The various winning line combinations in the game are all greeted with their own unique sound effect. The sound effects are all very elaborate themed animal noises which is a fantastic effect that animal lovers will love. The sound and the visual effects when combined in the Mega Moolah casino slot create a really enjoyable overall playing atmosphere which players will love. A slot game with a very similar level of visual and sound effects is the excellent Major Millions casino slot which presents players with a very enjoyable atmosphere. The game play presented to players in the Mega Moolah casino slot is fantastic as it offers a large slot format and the potential to win a life changing jackpot sum of money.

The format of the Mega Moolah casino slot is a five reel and twenty five win line game providing players with a large amount of flexibility over their win line selection. The overall aim of the game is for players to line up five of the same symbols across one of the active win lines. The various symbols in the slot all pay out a different amount to the player and these amounts can be seen in the games pay table. The Mega Moolah casino slot offers players the chance to activate four different bonuses these are the wild, scatter, random and gamble. The scatter bonus is represented by the monkey symbol which the player has to spin in three off to activate the feature. The feature when activated in the Mega Moolah casino slot rewards the player with fifteen free spins paid on a multiplier of three which can be very lucrative. The wild bonus in the Mega Moolah casino slot is represented by the lion symbol which has the ability to swap with other symbols to create a winning line. The player when they manage to use a lion to create a winning line has that winning line automatically doubled making it an excellent feature.

The gamble bonus is available after every winning spin of the reels in the Mega Moolah casino slot and it gives players the chance to double or lose their prize fund. The gamble bonus works by presenting the player with a fifty/fifty bet which is very risky as if guessed incorrectly the player loses their whole prize fund. The random bonus in the Mega Moolah casino slot is the life changing progressive jackpot which can be awarded to the player at any point during the game. The random feature when activated loads into a new screen displaying a spinning reel, the player then needs to stop the wheel in the correct place to win the huge prize. The progressive jackpot in the Mega Moolah casino slot works by taking a small amount from each player’s bet and placing it into a communal fund which can be won by a lucky player. The overall conclusion of the Mega Moolah casino slot is that the games exciting and fun safari theme is presented through excellent visual and sound effects. The game play offered is also superb but is based purely on player’s luck, if the player wants a more interactive playing experience then the Gold Mine pub slot is a great option.